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Thread: 90 IDI Air Intake

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    Default 90 IDI Air Intake

    Ok I have heard many way to get a litle ump out of my diesel well first glow plugs had to be changed so I did that and while undr the hood I decided to try many ideas that I heard and that was to trim the lid of my air filter and that turned bad, first I cut the bell off right at the plastic gromet on the inside off the cover reinstalled the thing the next day temp were low and truck wouldnt start. pluged in, cycled the switch to preheat press acel pedal half way and cranked no detonation repeated this several time with no luck final resorted to either. this went on for aweek till I finally went to a junk yard and got another air filter cover (no problems since).learned my lesson from that one now if i could find out why this thing dies when the high idle drops down n cold start ups
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    Default Re: 90 IDI Air Intake

    Dies when the idle drops down, but does it restart ok?

    I had tried a bunch of different mods that I had read online with the older NA diesels and never had the results that anyone else "claimed" either.
    That sucks, sorry to hear that.

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    Default Re: 90 IDI Air Intake

    I have seen lots and lots of air intake mods for the 7.3L IDI N/A over the years.

    The best four I have found are

    1) Remove bowl from inside of lid
    2) Remove the small plate in from of the air filter where air comes into the air cleaner
    3) Install HyperMax Cold air intake. Click here
    4) Intall a well oiled K&N with a Well oiled K&N Pre Filter wrap or order a S&B Filter and Install.

    All these other Ideas of cutting holes into the air cleaner are worthless because the allow the engine to suck more hot air into the engine. The goal is to allow the engine to consume as much cold air as possible. More air in and more air out.
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    Default Re: 90 IDI Air Intake

    Mine had the soup bowl done as well as the little plate when I got her. At one time it had the Hypermax cowl induction but that was long gone when I got her. Routed a home made ram air with a heavy dryer vent tube. Even has the K&N Filter. Everything works fine but I cannot guarantee anything out of the ordinary.
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